Revolutionizing the Enterprise

This site is about game changing improvements to Business Analytics, CRM, Portfolio and Performance Management, Process Automation, IP Utilization, and Enterprise Governance. That’s quite a list, and experienced readers may think the scope is naive. Knowing that it takes significant effort and resources to make even marginal improvements in just one of these areas; how is it possible to suggest “game changing” levels of improvement across all of them?

Harnessing Enterprise Unstructured Data Revolutionizes Enterprise Architecture

Unstructured Data Affects All Enterprise Processes

The answer is an essential, but often missing, ingredient in enterprise information models and IT strategies: Unstructured data. Unstructured data, when ignored, becomes the bane of enterprise architecture because it breaks the flow of information and automation across IP assets, processes, and performance.

Add unstructured data optimization to your enterprise strategy and every application will benefit—those listed above at a level that can realistically be called game changing.

The purpose of this site is to help you make that happen.

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